Luggage Home Delivery Service

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How does it work?

Spend a week with the family, a romantic weekend in Cologne, a relaxing stay in Brussels or attend a business course in Champagne, all whilst travelling without being impeded by your luggage — this is what the SNCF Home Luggage Delivery Service offers.

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How much does that cost?*

Luggage from Home has pricing for everyone, which is dependent not on distance but on the number of pieces of luggage.

Prices for transport in France
“Ordinary” luggage The 1st bag: 38€
The rest: 20€

Suitcase, soft bag, duffel bag, trunk with handles, slip-covered skis (maximum two pairs), folding pushchair, wrapped car seat. Each piece of luggage must not weigh more than 25 kg and the sum of its dimensions must not exceed 2.5 metres.

Calculate the dimensions of your luggage
Ordinary luggage dimensions
Bulky items 80€

25kg maximum / luggage (standard bike without electric assistance, protected or folded back, disassembled and stored in a bike cover (tandem and tricycles not accepted), foldable stroller folded and protected discount, wakeboard less than 3 meters protected shed), including the sum of the 3 dimensions exceeds 2.50 m, but the unit weight does not exceed 25 kg.

Wheelchairs 30€ Unmotorised wheelchairs which weigh less than 60kg.

You may order the transport up to 10 pieces of luggage.

Holder of an SNCF discount card or member of the SNCF Voyageur loyalty program & nbsp ;?
You benefit from a 25% discount on the second and following baggage, ie € 15 instead of € 20.
Fares for Outside France
Special price: 50€ / luggage
International offer relates to Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.
Whilst you order, one of the 2 addresses used (the pick-up point or delivery point) must be located in France.
You may transport up to 3 pieces of luggage, such as a suitcase, bag, trunk or wrapped skis, each no more than 25 kg.
Delivery takes 3 to 4 days after the collection of your luggage.
Passenger Group Prices
Price per item
(below 100 items of luggage)
Price per item
(more than 100 items of luggage)
Under 48 hrs
Price per item
(below 100 items of luggage)
Price per item
(more than 100 items of luggage)
Under 24 hrs
Price per item
(below 100 items of luggage)
Price per item
(more than 100 items of luggage)
Price per item
(below 100 items of luggage)
Price per item
(more than 100 items of luggage)

The Door-to-Door Luggage Group offer may be amended or refunded without surcharge up to 12 days before luggage collection.

For all other luggage (bulky, bikes, wheelchairs) a specific quote request must be made by calling 0810 879 479 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm -price of a local call from a landline) or via email:

Ways to exchange and refund

Amend or cancel

You can amend or cancel your booking from Monday to Friday, at the latest before noon the day before your luggage collection.
After that, no amendment, cancellation or exchange will be possible (this includes changing luggage collection point or delivery point).

An alteration to a Monday collection must be made before noon on the previous Friday at the very latest.

Contact us

Contact our Customer Service on 36-35, press #41 or say “luggage” (0.40€/min + call cost).

Method of pick-up and delivery


For everyone Pick-up is available Monday to Friday during the time slot of your choice: mornings from 8am until 1pm or afternoons from 1 pm until 5pm, excluding Sundays and bank holidays.


For solo passengers or those with families, in France or abroad Luggage delivery is available Monday to Friday, mornings from 8am to 1pm or afternoons from 1pm to 5pm, excluding bank holidays. It is also available on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

In order to have your delivery on the day of your arrival, remember to order the service 2 days before.

For groups You can choose between 3 different delivery options:

Next day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.
In 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. Saturdays, excluding bank holidays. Two time-slots will be offered every time: mornings from 8am till 1pm or afternoons from 1pm to 5pm

Over to you!

Before your departure, book your service:

  • Directly online on our website
  • At an SNCF station or shop
  • By telephone on 3635 (€0.40 inc VAT + call cost)
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Prices in force on 31/12/2014, 38 € the first baggage and 20 € the following as part of the offer Bagages at home.
Baggage delivery on the date of your choice, delay valid for the transport of baggage to and from continental France, as well as the islands of Ré, Noirmoutier and Oléron, which are accessible by road subject to pick-up before 5 pm and outside the département 05, 06, 73 and 74 for which delivery can not be carried out until two days after the pick-up.
Each piece of ordinary (maximum 10 per order) or large (maximum 10 per order) baggage must not exceed 25 kg. Any baggage of which the sum of the three dimensions is greater than 2.50 m is considered bulky. 80 € by large luggage or by bike, 30 € for a wheelchair without motor.